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South Stradbroke IslandGold Coast Suburb Profile

Stradbroke Island is one of Australia's rare sand islands and is one of the few places on Australia's east coast where one can view the sun both rise and set. Stradbroke is a natural barrier offering the Gold Coast Broadwater shelter from the open ocean and weather, and is the most southern island in Moreton Bay.

Stradbroke was once one large island that stretched north towards Brisbane. In 1894 the vessel, Cambus Wallace, ran aground at Jumpinpin. The ship's cargo was a mixture of liquor and dynamite. The salvagers were successful in saving the liquor, however, they left the remaining dynamite as it was deemed too unsafe to remove. Upon this, the authorities detonated the dynamite and created a massive seabed crater.

Within four years, due to the surf and might of cyclones, the separation of North Stradbroke Island and South Stradbroke Island was complete. This is how we know the island today - with the gap between the two islands, known infamously as the Jumpinpin Bar in whose waters many a fisherman has lost his boat but found his dinner.

The eastern side of Stradbroke Island is popular with surfers and jet skiers. On a good day, fearless or foolish surfers can be seen paddling across the Southport Seaway. Although there is a surf beach on the east and calm waters on the west, the island has very few (and lucky) people who call it home all year round except for Australia's only colony of Golden Wallabies.

Stradbroke Island's eastern side is also privy to the migratory patterns of Humpback whales. One can watch the whales frolicking in the safe waters as they travel up and down the coast during their annual migration.

South Stradbroke Island Real Estate

The holiday homes you see on South Stradbroke "Straddie" have been in those families for many years. They are few and far between and hardly ever come onto the market. However, with the completion of Couran Cove, there were more opportunities to own your own little slice of South Stradbroke heaven.

Couran Cove offers four different types of freehold properties. For a fully furnished Island Nature Cabin one is in the neighbourhood of spending from $170 000 and rising to $750 000 for a four bedroom waterfront home.

Couran Point is a freehold, canal development. The latest stage of 600 to 660sqm blocks are averaged at $525 000. Previous stages have sold out, so be sure to get in quick. Couran Cove Island Resort has ceased trading at this stage, however, privately owned properties are available for holiday rental via enquiry to the individual owner.

South Stradbroke Island Recreation

Australian Kayaking Adventures, snorkelling and Jet Ski Safaris

You will never be at a loss of things to do on South Stradbroke Island. Whether it be boating, surfing, fishing, jetskiing or just a lazy swim with a dugong. One can also explore off into the scrub where you might come face to face with a Wallaby - the Golden Wallabies located on South Straddie are extremely friendly and some are possibly tame.

The reason why these wallabies are so easy around humans is that South Stradbroke Island is extremely popular with campers who flock to the campsites during the Summer months. There are showers and barbeque pits so you can grill the fish you caught that day.

Or why not take in the sun and read a book on the beach or go for a quiet stroll along the island's shores and catch a beautiful sunset or sunrise. 

Campers have three choices when booking their camping holiday at South Straddie, and all three sites are run by Gold Coast Tourist Parks:

  • South Currigee Campground
  • North Currigee Campground
  • Tipplers Campground 

South Stradbroke Island Transport Options

straddie sand dunes
There is really only one way to travel to South Stradbroke Island from the Gold Coast and that is by boat. There are many commercial vessels and water taxis available for ferrying back and forth between the island and various Gold Coast marinas, including Marina Mirage, Runaway Bay and Coomera. Tipplers Ferry is one of the more popular options and will take you from Jacobs Well through 'Tipplers Passage' to the Tipplers Campgrounds at South Straddie.

For those with private boats, the waters on the western side of the island are a safe place to anchor your vessel for the day or night. The South Stradbroke Island Conservation Park does have some rules in place regarding where you can and cannot anchor your boat so be sure to check this prior to your cruise over. 

There are no roads on the island for car use so only take whatever you can carry on your back.

South Stradbroke Island Shopping

South Stradbroke walking trails
There are convenience stores located at Tipplers and Couran Cove. South Currigee also has a Kiosk available, while Tipplers Cafe is a good option for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Check the website for opening times though as it varies through the year. 

If you're going to stay on the island a smart way is to prepare beforehand and stock up on necessary items. However, for a nice meal, Runaway Bay, Hope Island and Paradise Point are only 20-30 minutes away by boat. 

There is also a 'Ship Shop' which services most of your boating needs.

Images courtesy Tourism & Events Queensland, Tourism Australia, Destination Gold Coast & Getty Images

South Stradbroke Island Map

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