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Living on the Gold CoastGeneral Information

The Gold Coast has roughly 500,000 residents and hosts millions of visitors each year, making it one of the most exciting and thriving communities in Australia.

We're part of the fastest growing area in the country and tens of thousands of people move to the Coast each year from interstate and overseas - the Gold Coast is the 6th largest city in Australia, and Australia's largest non-capital city. It's a beautiful place to live, and the community section of Gold Coast is here to help you make the most of it. 

What's in this section:

The Gold Coast is a diverse modern community with people from all over coming to visit and to live here daily. The number and variety of local churches, mosques, temples and other places of worship throughout the region are testament to this diversity. View our directory of places of worship.

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This overview of Gold Coast history has been compiled from interviews with local history librarians, long-term residents and assistance from the Gold Coast City Council. Information about the Gold Coast's early settlers, the beginnings of the tourism industry and beyond.

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Culture? What culture? That was the cry from many Gold Coast residents during the 80s and early 90s, but things have changed. Granted there are no local stone buildings or opera houses, and most artists, dancers and musicians of critical acclaim bypass the Coast for Brisbane...

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Dog exercise areas are a signed part of a park, foreshore or beach provided by the Gold Coast City Council. These areas have been designed to cater for the recreational needs of dog owners throughout the community and often feature specific facilities for your pooch. 

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Education is a major consideration for many families, especially those relocating to a new area. In parallel with the fast population growth of the Gold Coast, there has also been strong expansion in the quality and number of schools, both public and private. View a list of schools and universities on the Gold Coast

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Read some interesting facts and statistics about the Gold Coast including population, area, weather and more. Ever wondered what our floral emblem was? No? What about the fascinating environment and eco diversity that makes up the Gold Coast? Read on!

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You don't need a PhD in geology to figure out that the Gold Coast has a lot of beaches, but what you may not know is how they, and other features of the region such as mountains, our national parks, swamps and plains, came to be formed. Want a technical analysis? Read on...

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Gold Coast residents and visitors are governed under three tiers of bureaucracy - Federal Government (responsible for things like major highways and defence), State Government (looks after Police and hospitals) and Local Government (roads, libraries, swimming pools etc.)

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Health care is a growing industry on the Gold Coast with extensive public and private facilities. Four private and two public hospitals are supported by a range of specialist medical services, including more than 450 general medical practitioners, 250 specialists and 130 dental practices.

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The Gold Coast is home to over 300 sports clubs, training facilities for the Australian Institute of Sport, over 14 major professional sporting complexes, 8 aquatic centres, 50+ golf courses, several marinas, football stadiums and pretty much every other sporting facility and organisation known to people-kind.

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There are over 50 suburbs on the Gold Coast, and new ones being created every year to house the people who keep flocking to the Gold Coast. Right now there are over 575,000 people living on the Gold Coast and this number grows by the 1000's daily. Find out more about the main suburbs.

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