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Flood Management AreasCouncil Planning Scheme

The Gold Coast has experienced more than 45 floods since 1925 with many of those causing damage to property, roads and natural environments. These floods generally occur when excessive runoff from rain or a coastal storm surge cause the water level from a creek, river, lake or coastline to spill over. Floods can also occur when our stormwater infrastracture is swamped by very intense and rapid rainfall.

Since the 1970's the City of Gold Coast has been monitoring and mapping flood extent to identify flood risk. This means that they have some of the best information in the country. The City's flood overlay map has recently been updated with some areas being removed from the maps and other areas included. Take a look at the City Flood Mitigation page to understand potential flood risks and what you can do to prepare for any potential flood. 

Notable Floods

It might have been in the 1974 flood that caused the City of Gold Coast to sit up and start to take note of flood risk. This flood occurred when Tropical Cyclone Wanda hit and the Gold Coast felt the impact of more than 1250mm of rain. The Nerang River broke, canals overflowed and floodwaters rose waist-high causing the evacuation of drenched Cavill Avenue and beyond. The next major delude occurred in January 2013 when Tropical Cyclone Oswald arrived on a busy Australia Day long weekend. This time it was the beaches and coastline that were devastated with 1453mm falling on Springbrook. 

Emergency Information

We hope you aren't on holidays while a serious weather event or natural disaster occurs but if you need to find real-time information from the professionals, refer to the contacts below and take a look at this page to help guide you through what to do during a disaster.  


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