G:link - Gold Coast Light Rail

Ride the G:link

The Gold Coast is one of Australia's fastest growing cities and the Gold Coast Light Rail project aimed to reduce conjestion and improve public transport systems on the Gold Coast. The new G:link launched 20 July 2014 with a bang! 

Known as G:link, the Light Rail tram system's first stop is at the Gold Coast University Hospital and will connect commuting passengers to 16 stations across 13 kilometres, through Southport, Main Beach, Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach, with stage 2 connecting to Helensvale Station about to begin construction.

Tram Frequency & Times:

 Midnight to 5am5am to 7am7am to 7pm7pm to midnight
Weekdays No service Every 15 mins Every 7.5 mins Every 15 mins
Weekends Every 30 mins Every 15 mins Every 10 mins Every 15 mins

Gold Coast Light Rail Station Locations

The Gold Coast's light rail station designs are unique to any other tram station in Australia, with stations featuring Go Card touch points and vending machines, CCTV security, emergency help points, weather canopies, seating, bike storage, water fountains, waste bins and commercial kiosks. Gold Coast Light Rail Station Map

  • Gold Coast University Hospital
  • Griffith University (Smith Street End)
  • Queen Street (near Wardoo Street)
  • Nerang Street (old Gold Coast Hospital)
  • Southport (Nerang Street) 
  • Southport South (Scarborough Street)
  • Broadwater Parklands (Queen Street east)
  • Main Beach (south of Waterways Drive) 
  • Surfers Paradise North (near Ocean Avenue) 
  • Cypress Avenue
  • Cavill Avenue
  • Surfers Paradise (near Clifford Street) 
  • Northcliffe (near Thornton Street) 
  • Florida Gardens (near Monaco Street) 
  • Broadbeach North (near Queensland Avenue)
  • Broadbeach South (near Pacific Fair)

The light rail system will connect passengers with the bus network at safe interchanges at the Gold Coast University Hospital Station, Griffith University, Southport and Broadbeach South, providing an easy connection and short waiting times between services.  Visit their website for more details.

Tickets & Fares 

Passengers riding the G:link have a number of different ticket options. The main option is to get a Go Card, which suits Queensland residents. The Go Card lets you seemlessly travel across the various public transport systems on the Gold Coast, including trains and buses, and lets you top up your card with a pre-paid amount so you can swipe on and swipe off as you enter and exit the station or vehicle. 

Paper tickets are also still available for purchasing one way journeys only and can be purchased from fare machines and on board buses, but must be used within 2 hours of purchasing. The Go Explore card is great for tourists and is available from most hotels 

About the Trams

Gold Coast TramThe trams utilised for the Gold Coast light rail system are a new fleet of Bombardier Flexity 2 trams from Bombardier Transportation. The design was made by Queenslanders, for Queenslanders, and features airconditioning,  spaces for wheelchairs and prams, seats, standing room, information on tram stops and a space for surfboards - a world first!

Each tram is made up of 7 modules with a driving cab at each end. At 43.5 metres long, the trams will be able to carry up to 309 passengers per tram (80 seated and 229 standing). The trams are powered by electricity drawn from overhead lines, and can travel up to 70km/hr (however the average speed along the journey will be approximately 23km/hr). 

To find out more about the Gold Coast Rapid Transit System, please visit the GoldLinQ website, or view the videos below.