Schoolies Week

Schoolies Week is usually foremost on the minds of all Australian Year 12 students. It marks the end of exams, assignments & school, and the start of freedom – a rite of passage before entering University or the workforce. Students usually start planning for Schoolies early as not booking in advance may see you miss out on Schoolies accommodation.

Australian school leavers have been flocking to the Gold Coast since the 1970s for a week of partying with friends by the beach, a tradition that still continues with Year 12’s migrating to the Gold Coast to have fun in the sun with new and old friends every year.

As the event has grown, so too have the support services that ensure students have a safe time while they let their hair down.

Schoolies accommodation on the Gold Coast - Book Early & Don't Miss Out!

Book Gold Coast Schoolies Accommodation - last minute

The Gold Coast is the perfect destination for Schoolies as there is a plentiful supply of 2, 3 and even 4 bedroom apartments. This apartment style accommodation is perfect as friends can stay with each other, save money by cooking at home and wherever you are the beach is only a few minutes away.

Schoolies Crowd on the Gold CoastHotels are also popular with those with a higher budget and with the many great amenities like amazing pools, restaurants and in-house bars it’s no wonder why. For those on a budget, older Motels along the Gold Coast Highway and quaint 3 storey walks ups in the older part of Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach are fantastic – who needs a pool when the beach is just a few metres away?

Every beachside suburb hums with activity but the party really is at Surfers Paradise with Cavill Mall and Surfers Paradise beach being the focal point for many of the organised Schoolies activities. Broadbeach is fast becoming a favourite place to stay as it is close enough to walk to the action but also offers some down time from the fast pace of Surfers Paradise.

Top Ten Tips for Schoolies

Wherever you stay, we are sure you will have ‘the time of your life’, especially if you follow some of our tips below.

  • Schoolies Crowd in Cavill AveCheck out your accommodation house rules - if your accommodation is damaged, or there are other issues, discuss immediately with your apartment manager
  • Underage drinking or using fake ID could land you with a $1875 fine.
  • Unwanted or forced sexual behaviour is a crime.
  • Police are there to help you - stay calm, listen and follow instructions.
  • Look out for schoolies volunteers - they'll provide advice and support.
  • Respect that others live, work and visit the Gold Coast
  • Remember your medication - especially if you're asthmatic, a diabetic or have epilepsy
  • Pack your school ID so you can get an official Schoolies Week ID for your chance to win prizes
  • If you are sexually active, practise safe sex
  • Be sun smart and drink plenty of water

Official Schoolies Events

Schoolies Crowd in Cavill AveQueenslanders usually finish school when they are just 17 so clubbing and drinking are not allowed but that certainly won’t stop them from having fun. The official Schoolies organisers have plenty of parties and events to keep the under agers occupied! The Playground All Ages Schoolies Party is for Under 18’s and is held at one of the Gold Coast’s biggest clubs with huge DJ’s ripping up the decks through the day.

There’s also bands that play during the day and night on the sands of Surfers Paradise beach so whack on your bikini, throw on your boardies and some sunscreen and head down with your mates for a dance.

There are heaps of events for those over the legal drinking age with the No Limits dance party on the beach. Organisers suggest you throw on your school uniform for one last and final time. What could be better than a night of debauchery in your old school tie?

Nightclubs are usually a little wary about letting Schoolies into their clubs, however, if you’re sober enough, well behaved and wearing appropriate footwear and attire this shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you’d like to hang out with your mates then just grab a carton of beer and chill out in your room.

Bad Reputation

Schoolies Crowd in Cavill AveAround 10 years ago Schoolies Week had a really bad reputation. Many thought it was a time for kids to lose their morals and act without caution. Over the years the perception has changed and the residents of the Gold Coast welcome Schoolies to their beaches.

Most Gold Coasters avoid Surfers Paradise over these few weeks but some wander in to enjoy the party, we call them ‘Toolies’. It’s really a time for school leavers and we think it’s best to leave you to it.

The official Schoolies team have also implemented many safe guards like security in resorts and on the streets, a support team, time out areas if you’ve over indulged and the police are very responsive to trouble. That’s not to say there is never any trouble but the Schoolies team have done everything possible to entertain and keep school leavers out of danger.

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