Outsourcing Workshops Lunch and Learn

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Outsourcing Workshops  Lunch and Learn

Outsourcing Workshops Lunch and Learn

Event Description

Explore outsourcing for your business today!
Speaker: Nick Sinclair

Wealthfarm’s Outsourcing seminar for this month sets the stage for maximising the benefits of outsourcing.

How would you like to eat a sumptuous lunch while listening to the exciting prospects of outsourcing for your business?

Outsourcing is a buzz word in the business industry today. Considered by many as a double-edged sword - it offers innumerable advantages but the disadvantages may also be very serious.  

The Wealthfarm Group is eager to discuss with you why outsourcing can benefit your business and how you can triumph over the challenges inevitably brought by this modern business strategy.

Participate in our FREE Outsourcing seminar on April 16 and discover the essentials of outsourcing.

Our discourse about outsourcing aims to ally your fears about engaging in this strategy by providing you with the most essential outsourcing information.

We are inviting you to come and see how outsourcing can turn your business around.

Invite your friends. It’s time for them to discover outsourcing too!

For more information about our upcoming events just call our office.

Click this link for the tickets: http://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/outsourcing-workshops-lunch-and-learn-queensland-tickets-10669872877

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Event Details

Date: 16 April 2014
Time: 12:00pm - 2:00pm


58 Kingston Dr.
Helensvale, 4212

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