Our Generation - Monday Night Movie Screening

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Our Generation - Monday Night Movie Screening

Our Generation - Monday Night Movie Screening

Event Description

Our Generation is a documentary feature looking at the complex issue of indigenous rights in Australia. It offers an insight into years of neglect, ignorance and stereotyping, but it also offers the hope that things could change.

An informative and affecting film without getting bogged down in emotion, it serves as a conduit through which the argument for indigenous rights is presented.

The plight of the Aborigine of Australia has been an issue since the colonial flag was first hoisted on Botany Bay. While other colonised indigenous people were at least recognised by treaties with their new governors, no such document was signed on the Bay. The problem of recognition has stayed with the Aborigine ever since.

Many of the civil rights leaders interviewed in the film have been bearing the torch of indigenous rights for years. Our Generation is very much a call to a new generation of Australians, Aborigine or city-dwelling white suburbanite, to relight the torch and carry it forward.

The testimony of the Yolngu is significant for the film, as hey are seen by other Aboriginal groups in Australia as the community that has managed to retain most of its culture, traditions and land.

Crucially, the community did not cede control of its lands to settlers and managed to retain sovereignty – the issue and importance of which runs throughout the film.

The film encourages to unite First People communities into one voice and to provide a platform for education and action.

Facing up to such a subject may stir up emotions long buried or uncover old resentment, guilt or even shame.

One of the main demands of this documentary is the need for greater integration of the traditional Aborigine culture with the western idea of permanent, city-dwelling society.

Now the examination of what went wrong and, more importantly, how best to move forward should be the focus.

Guest speaker after movie - admission only $5.00!

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Event Details

Date: 21 May 2012


Southport State High School Discovery Centre
Brooke Avenue
Southport, 4215

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