Gold Coast Weather

The weather on the Gold Coast is perfect holidaying weather for its humid subtropical climate, warm winters and hot summers. In summer you can expect temperatures between 20°C to 38°C. Winters are mild so expect temps of 10°C to 20°C.

Gold Coast Weather Forecast

 Historical Gold Coast Weather Data

The information below is indicative of average weather conditions on the Gold Coast, keep in mind it is not a forecast and may not be accurate. Visit our Gold Coast Weather Statistics page for a more detailed view or visit our tides and surf pages for more information.

 Mean tempMax average tempMin average tempMean rainfallMean no. rainy daysWind speed average
(December / January / February)
24.1°C 27.6°C 20.5°C 135.6mm 14.4 days 20.7 km/h
( March / April / May)
21.1°C 25.1°C 17.1°C 204.6mm 17.6 days 18.5 km/h
(June / July / August)
17.2°C 20.7°C 10.9°C 82.8mm 10.3 days 16.9 km/h
(September / October / November)
20°C 24°C 15.9°C 77.0mm 10.6 days 20.6 km/h

(December / January / February)

Mean temp 24.1°C
Max average temp 27.6°C
Min average temp 20.5°C
Mean rainfall 135.6mm
Mean no. rainy days 14.4 days
Wind speed average 20.7 km/h

(March / April / May)

Mean temp 21.1°C
Max average temp 25.1°C
Min average temp 17.1°C
Mean rainfall 204.6mm
Mean no. rainy days 17.6 days
Wind speed average 18.5 km/h

(June / July / August)

Mean temp 17.2°C
Max average temp 20.7°C
Min average temp 10.9°C
Mean rainfall 82.8mm
Mean no. rainy days 10.3 days
Wind speed average 16.9 km/h

(September / October / November)

Mean temp 20°C
Max average temp 24°C
Min average temp 15.9°C
Mean rainfall 77.0mm
Mean no. rainy days 10.6 days
Wind speed average 20.6 km/h

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