Tour the Gold Coast Hinterland

Gold Coast Hinterland Photos and Virtual Tour

They call it the GREEN behind the GOLD... Eagle Heights, Mt Tamborine, Canungra, Lamington National Park, O'Reilly's, Springbrook — it's been known to snow up there in winter, and in summer you won't find a better place to escape the heat of the coast. Everyone knows the Gold Coast has some of the best beaches in the land but when you get sick of sand, why not go for a swim under a waterfall. Some brilliant Gold Coast hinterland pictures appear below in our virtual tour. All images are copyright © Tourism Queensland and may not be reproduced withouth their permission. Click here for some more information about the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Elabana Falls, Lamington National Park

To get to Elabana Falls it is only a short way from the entrance. Follow the Border Track which takes you 1.7km along and then fork off to the Elabana Falls track. It's a great place to go swimming and if you follow the track a little further it will take you to Picnic Rock.

Elebaba Falls

Gold Coast Skyline View, Mount Tamborine

Mount Tamborine offers you unparalleled views across the entire Gold Coast, giving you a view from the very north tip to the very south and off to Stradbroke Islands. It's a fantastic place to watch the sun rise or set and up here you'll find plenty of quaint tea houses, cafes, art galleries and fantastic walks which take you through this beautiful countryside.

Gold Coast Skyline View

Mount Tamborine Vineyard

Mount Tamborine Vineyard was the first to be planted up in the Gold Coast hinterland. They grow both award winning reds and whites and have a lovely cellar door.

Mount Tamborine Vineyard

Curtis Falls, Mount Tamborine

Taking the track to Curtis Falls will have you winding your way through rainforest and possibly even past one of the area's elusive lyrebirds. You'll find yourself at the base of the falls which gives you wonderful views up into them, the water may look inviting but it's a strictly no go area. 

Curtis Falls

The Canungra Pub

The quaint Canungra Pub was beuilt in 1937 and looks like an olde ye English inn. There's a fantastic beergarden so you can enjoy the sun and the counter meals and restaurant are pretty special as they mostly use fresh local produce. On Friday nights the pub really gets going with some live music!

Canungra Pub

Lamington National Park Rainforest

The Lamington National Park sits on the Lamington Plateau of the McPherson Range is well known for its beautiful rainforests, ancient trees that stretch high up into the sky, waterfalls, walking tracks of all grades, spectacular views and the wildlife which call this country home.   

Lamington National Park Rainforest

Natural Arch / Bridge

Natural Arch or Bridge as it is sometimes called is located inside the Springbrook National Park and is an unusual geological 'arch' that was created millions of years ago. Here lives a colony of glow-worms whose light shines brightest only after sunset. You can get here by taking the Cave Creek walk which will lead you to this wonder through dense rainforest.

Natural Arch

Farmland, O'Reillys Plateau

This area of land is certainly the green behind the gold and is often used by small farms producing fruit, vegies, honey, wine and meat of exceptional quality. When you are next on your drive through Mount Tamborine keep your eye out for small roadside stalls offering this wonderful produce and very low prices.

O'Reillys Plateau

Rainforest Drive, Mount Tamborine

Jump in the car and head away from the coast into the shady streets along Rainforest Drive in Mount Tamborine. The roads here are windy so make sure you're careful and take the corners easily. We recommend coming home before sunset so you don't have to come down the mountain at night.

Rainforest Drive, Mount Tamborine

Rainforest Walk, Lamington National Park

Take one of the trails on Rainforest Walk and see why so many people come back to Lamington National Park. There's gorgeous flora and fauna, like rainforest which is not often found in this part of Australia.

Rainforest Walk, Lamington National Park