Scenic Plane Flights & Joy Rides Gold Coast

Scenic Plane Flights & Joy Rides Gold Coast

Up, up and away... if you have a hankering to be up with the birds in the clear blue sky, the Gold Coast is one of the best places in the world to do it.

The view is amazing - with the deep blue Pacific Ocean in the east, the canals and highrises of the Gold Coast on land, stretching to the beautiful mountain scenery of the Gold Coast hinterland in the west and beyond, you'll never be short of things to check out. 

Take to the skies for a thrilling and scenic plane ride over the Gold Coast. Helicopters rides are fun, hot air ballooning is sublime but sitting in the back of a tigermoth racing above the shoreline of the Gold Coast's iconic beaches is a whole other experience! 

If you're looking for less thrill and more "chill" you might what to try a scenic flight in a seaplane. There are a variety of packages which offer some unique ways to see and experience the Gold Coast.

Scenic Plane Flights

Scenic Flights by Cloud 9 Seaplanes

Cloud 9 Seaplanes

Book a Scenic FlightCloud 9 Seaplanes offers you a unique way to experience how truly spectacular and diverse the Gold Coast is!

Our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards and our pilots among the most experienced in the Industry.

Enough room for 5 passengers at a time, you can enjoy the experience with your special partner, family or friends.


Gold Coast Scenic Flights

Scenic Flights

Book a Scenic FlightA scenic seaplane flight is a unique way to experience the spectacular landscapes of Queensland’s Gold Coast. This sightseeing flight path takes you to see the most spectacular coastal scenery, see the famous beach of Surfers Paradise, Moreton Bay and travel along the picturesque South Stradbroke Island. During June-November you may be lucky enough to spot pods of whales as they migrate along the humpback highway and dolphins regularly play alongside the seaplane as it takes off and lands on the water!


Scenic Flight Over South Stradbroke Island

Scenic Flight Over South Stradbroke Island

Book a Scenic FlightCloud 9 Seaplanes offers you a unique way to experience how truly spectacular and diverse the Gold Coast is!

Take the ultimate day trip to beautiful South Stradbroke Island by Seaplane. Enjoy a spectacular scenic flight over the Gold Coast. Plan an action packed day or just relax in the tropical surroundings. A truly unique way to experience the wondrous beauty of the Gold Coast with a partner or the whole family!


Romantic Island Picnics by Seaplane

Cloud 9 Seaplanes

Book a Scenic FlightHead off on the ultimate romantic getaway with a picnic lunch on your own secluded tropical island paradise. Enjoy a spectacular scenic seaplane flight over the Gold Coast before arriving at your romantic destination where you can swim, relax and explore in total privacy and enjoy lunch including a gourmet platter of fresh seafood along with chilled champagne. Flights depart at 10am taking you both on a scenic flight on a seaplane before splashing down to land at your exclusive beach on South Stradbroke Island.


Whale Watching by Seaplane

Cloud 9 Seaplanes

Book a Scenic FlightEach year the Humpback Whales visit the Gold Coast coastline from May-November and you too can catch an aerial view of these majestic creatures at play from a glorious Gold Coast seaplane!

Take off from the water on a scenic flight above the Gold Coast’s skyline taking in the views of the glistening waterways and sandy beaches along South Stradbroke Island.


Balloon with HOT AIR Gold Coast

Balloon with HOT AIR Gold Coast

Book a Scenic FlightHot Air operates the best value hot air ballooning rides in Australia, perfect for your first time if you have never ballooned before! Queensland is the country's most popular place to hot air balloon and the Gold Coast offers a wealth of amazing views to take in. Experience the wonder and romance of ballooning over such picturesque scenery.

Inflation locations are carefully chosen to ensure optimum take-offs for maximum enjoyment. There are a range of options to package your balloon ride with ranging from a gourmet Aussie breakfast, outlet shopping, Q Deck, a Conrad Jupiters show or more sightseeing at National Parks in the area.


Balloon Flights over the Gold Coast

Balloon with HOT AIR Gold Coast

Book a Scenic FlightSee the best of south-east QLD from the air with an incredible Gold Coast hot air ballooning adventure!

Nothing surpasses the beauty of experiencing the sun rise over the fabulous Gold Coast skyline; and with your choice of a range of different ballooning options, there's a scenic flight experience at the right price and length for everyone.


Sky, Land and Water Combo Tours

Ballooning, Breakfast and Waterways Pass

Sky and Water Combo Tours

Book a Scenic FlightThese two experiences showcase the Gold Coast's blend of green and blue scenery at its finest; first, begin your adventure with an early start as you are taken to the lush greenery of the Gold Coast hinterland for a hot air ballooning adventure. At the conclusion of your balloon flight, you'll be treated with a tasty champagne breakfast all included in the price!

Follow this up with your choice of either a morning or afternoon Gold Coast sightseeing cruise and enjoy a scenic, leisurely trip down the region's expansive canal system.


Other Air Tours

  • Helicopter Flights - Get a birds eye view of the Gold Coast aboard a scenic helicopter flight, ranging from 5 minute joy flights to full flown hinterland, island or winery tours.
  • Hot Air Balloon Tours - Soar peacefully over the picturesque scenery that the Gold Coast has to offer on a hot air balloon tour.