Language and Communication

Language and communicating on the Gold Coast

English is the official language used in Australia, and consequently the Gold Coast. There is a relatively small ethnic population in the region who use languages other than English at home, but the only time Gold Coast visitors will need to speak another tongue is in a foreign restaurant. Even then, the most obscure and authentic ethnic Japanese and Italian eateries still have most, if not all menu items listed in English.

Beer language on the Gold Coast

Almost every state in Australia has a different terminology for the different sizes of beer. On the Gold Coast the following standards apply:

Jug - 1125ml (40 ounces)
Pot - 285ml (10 ounces)
Schooner - 425ml (15 ounces)

Learn English on the Gold Coast

If you're keen on learning english on the Gold Coast and improving your ESL skills while you holiday there are a number of great places to do it. Bond University's English Language Institute offers ESL programs.

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