Gold Coast Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Few cities in the world have better scuba diving (and snorkeling) conditions at such easily accessible locations than the Gold Coast. Couple these wonderful sites with spectacular weather and you'll see why the Gold Coast truly is a scuba divers paradise.

From the natural diversity of the Gold Coast seaway, to the numerous wrecks and reefs sitting just off the coastline, there's more coral, marine life, and general intrigue in the Gold Coast waterways than you'll find just about anywhere.

The local diving infrastructure caters for every level of experience, so whether you want to do a hardcore, deep water night dive around sharks or jump in the shallow end of a swimming pool for beginner's lessons, this is your place.

Gold Coast Scuba Diving Locations

The most popular diving spots on the Gold Coast are located around the seaway and the southern reefs off the Tweed River. For a complete run-down and loads of photos, videos and heaps of other useful info on Gold Coast scuba diving check out Ian Banks' 'Diving The Gold Coast' website. Anything you could possibly want to know is on his site.

Gold Coast Scuba Diving Tours

Big Cat Reality run one of the most popular (and best value for money) operations around. They've got a big, comfy boat decked out especially for divers and they cruise around Moreton Bay on weekend and overnight trips. Choose from a range of day trips or live aboard for the weekend with the Big Cat Reality team.

For other tour operators and dive companies check out our scuba diving section in the Gold Coast Directory

Gold Coast scuba diving photos and galleries

Check out the previously mentioned Ian Banks's 'Diving The Gold Coast' website which has some brilliant pics. The website also has a great Gold Coast scuba diving gallery with wildlife pics contributed from various divers.